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Students, if you have any questions, please contact:


Mrs. Joann W. Williams, Executive Administrator for NTSOT


Phone: 336-289-9359

NTSOT Gateway

NTSOT Gateway is the Academic portal for all students and Instructors.
Review your grades, register for classes and pay your balance on NTSOT Gateway.



(Must have an NTSOT Gateway User ID and password to sign in)


  Financial Services

Pay Tuition HERE

Pay Application Fee HERE

Refund Policy:

Students who withdraw from school because of illness or other sufficient cause, and whose withdrawals are officially approved, may receive a refund as follows:
*Tuition: 100% will be credited if withdrawal occurs during the first week of classes.
*50% will be credited if withdrawal occurs during the second week of classes.
*No refund will be credited if withdrawal occurs during the third or fourth week of classes.
*Students who are suspended or expelled by the school are not eligible for any refunds. Students who leave the school when disciplinary action is pending or who do not officially withdraw are not eligible for any refunds.

      Library Services

Contact Mrs. Joann Williams for questions about library services.

                 Click HERE to access
                NTSOT Library Catalog

All students and faculty must be logged in to NTSOT Gateway to check out books.



    Academic Services


Requesting a Transcript

You may request a transcript by using our Transcript Request Form or by visiting our office. To ensure the integrity and privacy of the document, official NTSOT transcripts are not faxed, emailed or issued electronically. There is a $5 charge for each transcript. Your first one is free. We will accept a money order, cashier's check or credit card for this charge at the Financial Services Office. Once we receive your request in our office, you can expect the processing time to be 5 - 7 business days.


Transcript Request Form 
Download the request form and mail it in with your payment.






*Once students have completed the registration process, they may withdraw only by submitting the withdrawal form to the Registrar. Failure to withdraw may result in the student receiving failing grades and being ineligible for any refund of fees.

*Students who withdraw from school on or before four weeks of the term will receive no grade. Those who withdraw after this date will receive a grade of “W” with no penalty against GPA; “WP” if they are passing after four weeks; “WF” if they are failing after four weeks.

*Students can only miss one (1) day per class. Students who stop attending classes are subject to administrative withdrawal by the President office. They should expect to receive “W”, “WP”, or “WF”, depending on whether students were passing or failing the course at the time of the withdrawal and remain responsible for all charges on their account.


Withdrawal Form 
Download the form and turn in to Registrar.



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